Risk management from CQC – helping you identify and manage risks for your projects, operations and everyday business activities.

Whatever your industry, you need to ensure the safe execution and maintenance of your projects, operations and business activities, including trade.
As the world’s leading provider of risk management services, we can help you minimize your risks. Our project specialists and technical experts offer you assistance at every stage, for any sector, anywhere in the world.
We offer you over 50 years of risk management experience gained across all industries, providing solutions for all economic sectors – from agriculture to life sciences, from mining to finance. Our comprehensive range of risk management services are in full compliance with international risk management standards and include:

Risk management planning

Risk identification

Quantitative and qualitative risk analyses

Risk handling

Management of residual risk

Independent third-party research, surveys, market studies, feasibility studies and due diligence assessments

Equator principles monitoring

Project monitoring and management

Product and cargo quality and quantity surveys

Collateral management

Trade risk management

We can help you:
Identify and manage cost overruns, delays, revenue losses, health and safety incidents, quality failures, regulatory non-compliance, contractual disputes, reputation damage and stakeholder dissatisfaction at every phase of your projects, operations and business activities
Achieve objectives in terms of quality, safety, cost, scheduling and performance

Improve cost estimates by managing realistic and relevant contingencies

Achieve identifiable schedule milestones and key performance indicators, including occupational, health, safety and environmental targets

Assure greater certainty about financial and execution outcomes

Ensure your transactions are secure

Ensure you have taken all the steps to comply with rules, regulations and industry best practices

Contact us today to find out how our risk management services can identify and manage a broad range of risks for your projects, operations and business activities.