CQC accreditation is granted to organisations who have demonstrated that they fully meet the requirements of relevant national and international standards.

Who seeks accreditation?

CQC accredits testing laboratories, medical laboratories, calibration laboratories, certification bodies, inspection bodies, proficiency testing providers, reference material producers, diagnostic imaging services, physiological services, medical reference measurement laboratories and notified bodies.

NOTE: There are differing requirements for applications for accreditation from organisations based outside the United Kingdom.

CQC assesses organisations to the following accreditation standards. The route to accreditation sets out the step-by-step process to gaining accreditation.

Application for accreditation

To apply for accreditation please download and complete the relevant application form(s) from the list below.

To extend your accreditation scope, please complete the relevant AC form from the list below and submit via email with all supporting documents

CQC Agreement - please read, sign and submit this Agreement with the Word version of the application form. Please also refer to the CQC Standard Terms of Business for a list of current fees.

See the CQC Privacy Policy for details of what data we collect, how we collect and use it, who we share it with, how long we keep it, how we safeguard it and your rights in relation to personal data held about you.

Not sure what to do and want to talk to someone? Please email

Please submit your completed forms by email to the CQC Agreement and your supporting documents.
CQC Agreement
CQC Application Form
AC1 Certification Body Accreditation Application Form
AC2 Inspection Body Accreditation Application Form
AC3 Calibration Laboratory Accreditation Application Form
AC4 Testing Laboratory Accreditation Application Form
AC5 Proficiency Testing EQA Provider (ISO/IEC 17043) Application Form
AC6 Medical Testing Laboratory Accreditation Application Form
AC7 Reference Material Producer (ISO 17034) Application Form
Confidentiality Waiver - Notified Bodies